What Are E-Commerce Systems?

Over the years, credit cards have become one of the most common forms of payment for e-commerce transactions. In the early years of B2C, many consumers were apprehensive of using their credit cards over the internet because of fear that their credit card numbers would get stolen. However, due to increased security with credit card companies such as VISA, American Express, and MasterCard there is widespread use of credit card use over the internet, especially in North America.

Despite this widespread use in North America, there are still a number of countries such as China, India and Pakistan that have some problems to overcome in regard to credit card security. In the meantime, the use of smartcards has become extremely popular. A Smartcard is similar to a credit card; however it contains an embedded 8-bit microprocessor and uses electronic cash which transfers from the consumers" card to the sellers" device. A popular smartcard initiative is the VISA Smartcard. Using the VISA Smartcard you can transfer electronic cash to your card from your bank account, and you can then use your card at various retailers and on the internet.